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I have been very lucky to have been able to attend 2 sessions of the Build your Arts Business course run by our local Creative Arts Gympie Region group in partnership with the Generator LEAP entrepreneurship centre. Apart from the fun of seeing our fellow artists and making new friends, the content has been really enlivened by our guest speakers from the University of the Sunshine Coast. Today our homework was to look at each other’s websites and asses them for appeal, efficiency etc. People are at all different stages of their journeys, and how great it is to have this sort of peer group support.

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Susan Zela Bissett (Zela) is an educator, writer and artist with a lifetime involvement in environmental education and advocacy. Zela was born on Butchulla Country in Maryborough and has worked as an artist, educator, permaculture gardener, studio potter and consultant. She is passionate about sustainable lifestyles, maintaining habitat for wildlife and about unleashing the creativity in all of us.

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Hi Zela. I love your website. It reflects your commitment to sustainability and I really enjoyed reading your story and how your ethos evolved. The gallery is well laid out but as we discussed the 2 dimensional medium of photography and digital presentation cannot capture the beauty and sumptuousness of your relief and textured work. I thought again about the card you showed me and I couldn’t let it go for less than $25. It is a beautiful work of art. I updated my website after your email and I am happy with it now. Thank you for your comments.There were some problems. I couldn’t get your shop to open. I don’t know if you sell onsite.

Thanks for visiting my site Christine. I will tell my webmaster that the shop didn’t open. Was this for the books?


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