Zela’s Sustainable Services


The impetus behind all of Zela’s Sustainable Services is her desire to work towards the unfolding of a just, harmonious and environmentally sustainable society.

Her methodology is based on experiential learning, using a balance of head, heart and hand. Zela employs methods which link personal satisfaction and creativity with a social order based on resourcefulness and elegant holistic solutions to current challenges. She is a creative thinker, a dynamic presenter and an active contributor to the public dialogue around finding our way a sustainable future.

Zela’s range of sustainable services include:


Cross curriculum priorities development

Zela offers consultation on the development of courses for schools to ensure they deliver cross curriculum priorities.

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Lifestyle workshops & events


Zela provides hands-on workshops on a variety of subjects including organic gardening and seasonal vegetarian cooking.

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Art commissions & exhibitions

Zela accepts commissions for portraits, murals for cafés and other business premises, festival banners and other one-off designs.

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Public speaking

Zela speaks to a wide range of groups on topics she is passionate about including all aspects of sustainable lifestyles.

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