Burning Country Series

Works in my latest style using multiple-couched papers with botanical inks, landscape elements and stitching.

Fleeing the Flames K’gari Burning series
Firestorm #4
Only Embers K’gari Burning series
Firestorm #2
Recovery: Wetlands 56 cm x 38 cm


Thunderbolt’s Hide-out near Tenterfield NSW Watercolour
Wild in the Wallum Cooloola National Park
Lake Poona Watercolour
Corrawinga (Butchulla: Sandy Strait) watercolour and gouache on hand-made and cast paper
Cooloolah (Twin panel with Corrowinga above) watercolour and gouache on hand-made and cast paper
Salt Plain, Maaroom (Sandy strait mainland side) Watercolour
Kelp Cliffs Bruny Island, Tasmania Gouache

This collection includes watercolour, gouache and combinations of the two. In these works I strive to convey the aesthetic appeal of appearance but also to imbue them, through the touch of the human hand, with the sensed atmosphere and feeling of being present in these beloved places.