‘Floating Land’ poem published

One of my poems has been published in Meniscus’ Beyond the Divide publication. Meniscus is a free online journal published by the Australasian Association of Writing Programs (AAWP) which aims to provide a showcase for the best in contemporary international writing.

Floating Land, Noosa 2015

Zela Bissett, Donna Lee Brien, Susan Davis, Cheryl McGarron, Pam Miller, Irene Waters, Libby Woodhouse

Layered lavender curve
Ragged echoes swirl
Sunrise breaking.
Humble sphere spinning
Our ephemeral home.
Indistinct incantation of
Ethereal golden sunlight.
Spiral skies inflame
Tonal indigo articulation
Of rocks, birds and mountains.
Twisted twigs hewn bold
Reflected in the lake’s murky depths.
This evocative spectacle
Explodes into ripples,
Again and again.

Dappling cloud
Green wings flash
Textures, mould
Rippling, tannic, turquoise lake –
Humble ripples.
Golden depths otherworldly arching.
Sunset rhythm erupts.
Golden mirrors reflecting
Balancing skies inflame.
Tranquil floating vernal ponds
Surreal surface shadows,
Again and again

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