Kombucha Show in Bundaberg

I have been offered an exhibition at Bundaberg Regional Gallery in The Vault in July-August 2019. The theme is the need for bioplastics to reduce the terrible load of petro-plastics we are unleashing on the planet every day. I make bioplastic film using the pellicle from the cultured drink, Kombucha.
I have approached Dr Peter Musk at The Edge, an open access think tank associated with the Queensland Writers Centre at South Bank. He is a former Science HOD from Gympie High and now works at The Edge where they produce quite a bit of kombucha pellicle for textile research (vegan leather etc).
I am applying for some access during school holidays, 2018 – 19 Christmas holidays so I can make enough bioplastic to make all the bowls for finger foods for the opening!
The theme of bioplastics as an alternative to petro-plastics has become more relevant than ever with new research showing that the exoskeletons of phytoplankton will start to dissolve if oceans become any more acidic, causing massive trophes of extinctions as plankton is the base of the ocean food chain, (and already highly compromised by plastic pollution).

20150517_093152Moulded Kombucha Pellicle in Coccolith formation

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