progress on bunya tree exhibition

I am spending these school holidays working on pieces for the exhibition “The Legendary Bunya Tree” opening at Gayndah Art Gallery on Saturday October 29 at 6pm. The exhibition is a joint show with my friend and fellow Bunya enthusiast, Maurice Mickelo from Wondai, a former Bunya Mountains Murri ranger. Maurice will be showing paintings and carved Emu eggs. My work will include paintings, cast (low relief) hand-made paper and textiles, featuring felt. We hope anyone in the area can come along to support this work and celebrate the work of all groups in supporting the legendary Bunya tree and those who seek to preserve them.

If you live in the area and would like to learn some new skills, we are each running a workshop for a half day at Gayndah Art Gallery.

Zela Papermaking  techniques on  Sunday October 9 from 10 am until 1pm

Maurice Emu egg carving the following Sunday  October 16 from 10 am until 1.30

Last night I made a very long PowerPoint including over 100 photos of bunya trees from various and various people who have worked to protect and promote them. I plan to add the timer at about 10 seconds per slide  and the gallery will have it playing while the exhibition is open.


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