work accepted for Lyn McCrea Drawing Prize

This year I decided to enter the Noosa Regional Gallery’s annual Drawing prize which commemorates local artist and identity Lyn McCrea who passed away several years back. Lyn was a friend of the Sisters of Mary, one of the groups which agitated to protect the Mary River during the flawed Traveston dam proposal. She was also a keen collector and patron of the arts.

I was very happy to hear that my entry, Botanical Beauties Panel #2, had been listed among the finalists. This work is part of a set of 2 which are both constructed from my hand-made botanical papers. On the papers, I have drawn in ink (and pastel) the plant from which the paper was made. This was a big break-through for me in using my own papers to create finished artworks. Previously,  lot of my paper was sold to others to use in their own creative processes, although I also make a lot of greeting cards and collaged works. During the September break, I continued making works on this theme, about which I am quite excited! The two large panels are framed very charmingly by local framer Burnie Clifford.

Botanical Beauties Panel 2

Botanical Beauties Panel 2

botanical Beauties panel 1

Botanical Beauties Panel 1

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