A few anecdotes, some advice and a word we need to know.  Myth Number #1: Raw untreated Bunyas are poisonous It was the year 2011. I entered the staffroom early and placed a large Bunya cone smack bang in the middle of the staff room table where all […]

I am part of a wonderful group of mutually supportive arts under the leadership of Heather Matthew (Art from your Heart). We really help each other overcome feelings of isolation during lockdowns, periods of self-isolation etc, with members from 5 different countries. I was lucky enough to win […]

Apart from art-making, my other great passion is my organic garden. I trained as a permaculture designer when my daughter was small and I have never lost the love of growing my own food. As the seasons progressed I noticed that at times in the garden there are […]

I have been very lucky to have been able to attend 2 sessions of the Build your Arts Business course run by our local Creative Arts Gympie Region group in partnership with the Generator LEAP entrepreneurship centre. Apart from the fun of seeing our fellow artists and making […]

As I mentioned in my previous post, my daughter-in-law Clare and I have been working on a series of video tutorials to teach some of the earth-friendly fibre arts I practise at Papernicus Fine Art Studio. The intention is to help people, especially when confined at home, to […]

  I have my very talented daughter in law, Clare,  staying with me during the COVID lockdown (and delightful grandson Percy). We have been busy creating some tutorials to help those at home to do some creative activities which need little equipment and use natural materials. Clare is […]

As most of you will be aware, many public events scheduled for Queensland this year have been cancelled. This means I will not be presenting my Resourceful Cook Talk and Taste at the Relish Festival in Maryborough in June. Sadly their July Literary event, the Mary Poppins Festival, […]

Recently I posted an offer to supply plants and seeds to people wanting to grow food and unable to buy seeds or seedlings. I add here the details about many of the plants I can supply, as they are sometimes unusual or not well known. Sadly the pics […]

Turmeric – that golden root we all know is good for our health. Closely related to the other members of the ginger family, turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a perennial herb native to India. The herb itself is derived from the rhizome of the plant, which is dried to produce […]

I have made an effort to record the events of 2019 as it was a very different year, with international travel and not working as a teacher. I haven’t really done justice to the travels we did in Europe, but I do have several hand written Travel Journals […]