Enjay press joins the workshop!

Buying a press

I took a chance recently and decided that since I have a good supply of my handmade papers it would be interesting to try printing some of my designs onto them. My regular readers know that I like to do things from first principles, such as making my own paper, inks and twine. However in the case of printing, I decided that it would be ok for my part just to carve the lino and make the paper. Permaset do a pretty good job with printing inks! And I had supplies of black, sepia and green on hand. I also entrusted the task of designing and making the press to the dedicated Neil Jeffreys at Enjay Presses, Melbourne. If it made sense to do some linocuts or other prints onto my botanical paper, the great experiment had to wait until Duets was launched (which happened tonight). But once Duets was launched, I took time to reorganise the studio space, we produced the first prints! To get good results with linocuts, I have used some lino runners down each side of the plate.

I carved this linocut for the first session!
The linocut produced these results on the new press. They are all on various different botanical papers including dark Papyrus, greenish sisal and my new amaranth.

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Susan Zela Bissett (Zela) is an educator, writer and artist with a lifetime involvement in environmental education and advocacy. Zela was born on Butchulla Country in Maryborough and has worked as an artist, educator, permaculture gardener, studio potter and consultant. She is passionate about sustainable lifestyles, maintaining habitat for wildlife and about unleashing the creativity in all of us.

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