Relish Festival Maryborough June 1

You can find me in the grounds of Gatakers Artspace this year on Saturday June 1! This year the focus is on FOOD! Yes, in the course of the day you can see me making a selection of dishes featuring native foods which are available either free,  or very easy to forage or grow. Recipes will be available and there will be opportunities to taste the dishes. A full program is shown below:

Program for Relish Festival 2019


9 am Set up
10 am Bunya pesto

A native food oriented version of the popular dip, using foraged bunya nuts in place of commercial pine nuts.


11 am Warrigal Spinach rolls

Warrigal greens (Tetragonia tetregonoides) is a hardy plant which provides a very palatable native alternative to Spinach and silver beet. Seed will also be available for sale.


12 noon Bunya Hummous

The Bunya kernel, which is not strictly a nut, contains protein and complex carbohydrates, and is suitable for use in place of chick peas, to create a vegan-friendly dip.


1 pm Sticky Bunya pudding

The versatile bunya kernel has a mild flavour which can also be used in sweet dishes, and this dish perfectly showcases its moist texture.


2pm Lemon myrtle biscuits

Tangy lemon myrtle adds a touch of flavour to these old favourite biscuits. Leon Myrtle ( Backhousia citriodora) is a street tree used found in Kent street in the historical precinct.


3 pm Bunya rissoles

This recipe uses the bunya nut as a source of protein and is suitable as a main course.

4pm Bunya tasting platter: Rissoles, pesto and hummous

Try the versatile Bunya nut in three different dishes.


Zela peeling bunya nuts (2)Lots of work in processing all those bunya nuts!

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Susan Zela Bissett (Zela) is an educator, writer and artist with a lifetime involvement in environmental education and advocacy. Zela was born on Butchulla Country in Maryborough and has worked as an artist, educator, permaculture gardener, studio potter and consultant. She is passionate about sustainable lifestyles, maintaining habitat for wildlife and about unleashing the creativity in all of us.

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